Beginning May 1st we are going to embark on a journey of prayer, joining 500 000 Nazarenes from the USA-Canada region. This is an opportunity for us to put into practice what God has been teaching us over the last 5 months of learning about prayer and hearing God. Below you will find all sorts of resources that will help you along the way, including a 40-day prayer journey that I encourage you to use as we pray together as a denomination.

The Half-Million Mobilization team explains the Who, What, When and Why this way:

  • Who: Short answer is Everyone! The entire Nazarene Church, 500,000 people in the United States and Canada will rally together in prayer for our churches hope and our future (Jeremiah 29:11)

  • What: A Call to Pray and a Call to Speak for the future of our denomination and our local churches in Canada and the United States. Pray for the protection, direction, and revelation of the Spirit on our ministries together. Our prayer is to see renewal and a resurgence of the Nazarene Church and holiness message in our people. The Call to Speak is a prayer response/survey to gather feedback on what the Spirit says to the church during this time of prayer.

  • When: May 1st - the entire Church of the Nazarene, 500,000 people praying together in USA/Canada.

  • Why: We need God’s plan, God’s purpose to be fulfilled in our lives and in our churches. The dream with Half-Million Mobilization is that we will experience unity as a region, we will hear from the Spirit in our times of prayer, we will share with each other what the Spirit is saying, and that we will discover His plans for our hope and future.

Prayer Journal

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Follow along the 40-days of prayer with the FREE prayer journal.

Download the Prayer Journal here:

Adult Prayer Journal:

Kids Prayer Journal:

Or download the FREE Prayer Journal App:


You can print the PDF journal with the link above, or you can request a print copy from the church.

Response Survey

Prayer is more than just talking to God: it also includes actively listening for him to speak. That is why during this time you are not only asked to be in prayer, but to also listen for God to speak. A Response Survey has been designed for you to share what God is saying to you during these 40 days.  The Call to Speak is a prayer response / survey meant to be taken one or more times after you hear from the Spirit in your time of prayer. This can be from a designated day of prayer or anytime the Lord calls you to prayer and speaks to you about the future of the church. The prayer response is short and can be completed in 5 minutes. There is one open-ended question where you can respond with what the Spirit is saying to you. There are two closed-ended questions where you can rank and prioritize our ministry focus areas.

Fill this survey out as many times as you sense God speaking to you during these 40 days.