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We are back in the Building!

As COVID restrictions and safety measures ease, we still want to ensure that our services are a safe place for all to gather.  We will continue to keep in place the enhanced cleaning measures that were introduced during COVID, as well as the sanitizer stations, and the availability of disposable masks.


The vast majority of restrictions have been removed for most public areas in Ontario now including churches. There is no longer a government mandate for wearing masks, or distancing, at the church building. That said, we encourage you to continue to act in wisdom and caution - especially for the vulnerable in our community. When we gather at church, we are a higher-risk gathering than most other public gatherings because we have vulnerable members; we have children who are unable to be vaccinated; and we sing - we love to sing and worship together as a family - but singing increases the risk of spread and transmission. So we need to be mindful of these things as we gather together.

The Ontario Medical Association has put together safety tips to help keep people safe as restrictions ease (you can find the full list of tips HERE). Of important note is this:

"Consider continuing to wear a mask in indoor public spaces, especially if vulnerable people or unvaccinated children are present." - Ontario Medical Association


We want to continue to make our gatherings as safe as possible which is why, although masking is not required, it is still recommended for the time being. Whatever your risk tolerance and comfort level is, let's come together, and respect the risk tolerance and comfort level of others.


On top of this is the reminder that if you would like to attend a service in-person, take some time to do a self-assessment, ensuring that you are not experiencing any adverse health symptoms (this is a good general rule of thumb – not just for COVID!).  While we want you to come, we don’t want to spread illness through the church.  If you are ill, we ask that you stay home and join online until your symptoms have subsided.

Thank you for working with us to make our gatherings a safe place for all.  We hope to see you soon!

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